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Oct 15, 2018

For the 107th episode of Dropping Bombs Podcast, Brad sits down with Jay Adkins. As one of six coaches at Agency Sales Academy, Jay helps train insurance agencies on how they can generate more revenue. Today, he and Brad go beyond talking money to identify different measurements of success:

  • How do we break down the walls we’ve built up over the years? Being honest, open, and vulnerable inspires trust. By doing so, you’re showing people that you care.
  • On the flip side, it’s important to have the confidence to show people who you really are! Remember, they’ll judge you no matter what. It’s your job to open your mouth and prove them different.
  • Relationships are the new economy. Your relationships build trust and create new opportunities. Think of all the opportunities you miss by NOT being open.
  • Finally, know that you can ALWAYS get better. Always be learning! Train every day. Improve every day — even if it’s just 1%, always be better than yesterday. Remember, if you want the results, you have to be willing to endure the struggle to get there.

How does Jay Adkins out-do yesterday? He trains his team EVERY DAY using a mix of the LightSpeed VT platform and weekly live calls.

“My team income up 48%. My production is up 62% over ANY OTHER YEAR,” says Jay.

Brad’s response? “I just gave you the scalpel. You’re the one wielding it in a way that’s creating success.”

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