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Mar 31, 2022

The Elliott Group is the Fastest Growing Automotive Sales Training Company in the world. Andy and Jacqueline Elliott started their Sales Training Company in 2011. The Elliott Group is currently doing business in 127 different countries and is growing like wildfire with their High Energy 21st Century Training. Together Andy and his wife, Jacqueline decided to put their talents together and start a never seen before 21st Century Sales Training Program. Their goal was to be able to take ANY Sales Person and Triple Their Skill within 30 days. 


In this episode, the whole team from The Elliott Group joins us to discuss what it means to build a WINNING team. Tune in and get ready to be FIRED UP!


00:00 Intro

00:21 Bomb: Getting richer makes you more handsome

01:36 Shout out to Jordan Belfort

04:10 Bomb: Throwing stones at glass houses

05:33 Bomb: How Brad teaches people to be legends 

06:04 Where Andy started and how his team came along

07:49 Bomb: If you’re not real you’ll lose

08:13 Andy Elliott’s new book

10:46 Text 918-210-0254 if you want your copy of Andy’s book

14:00 An unrecruitable team

15:27 Bomb: Just getting started

17:43 “If you don’t have a coach it’s because you’re afraid to invest in yourself.” - Andy Elliott

22:15 The search to be better in life

25:20 Shout out to Grant Cardone

26:41 Bomb: You’re never gonna outwork your own self-worth

27:56 How Andy’s team hires

28:41 Bomb: Hire with heart

31:24 Text Andy if you want TOTAL RE-CREATION, 918-210-0254

34:52 Work-life balance

38:37 Bomb: Parenting

40:17 A culture like you have never seen before

42:30 Find what you want, create it, kick ass

45:35 “Entitlement is death.” - Andy Elliott

46:35 Go to and for The Closer Summit text 918-210-0254

48:20 “If you don’t go to war, someone is going to kick your ass.” - Andy Elliott

50:44 Bomb: The Real Brad Lea

55:00 Role play

56:35 “When your back is against the wall, you will always fall to your lowest level of skill.” - Andy Elliott

01:02:00 “If you mess up, do it again.” - Andy Elliott

01:07:40 Why you give back when you’re number one

01:11:05 Train your people

01:14:10 Want it and be willing to do it

01:19:10 Staying crazy

01:19:27 Bomb: Anyone can build an empire

01:22:30 “I want people to learn.” - Andy Elliott

01:22:55 Bomb: Legends are being made

01:25:30 If you feel like you’re a nobody, The Elliott Group is your family