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Feb 21, 2022

​​Fitness and mindset became masteries for Brian Covey very early as his career was affected by the 2007 market crash just years after his soccer team days came to an end, right when he was raising toddlers with his wife Nicole. 


Brian has mastered the art of a growth mindset, the art of winning, and the art of staying fit. He believes in integration and health over all things. Brian is an executive at loanDepot, a proud father, an influencer, a top-rated podcaster and, just simply, a fabulous soccer dad. He throws the suit down and coaches his daughter's league with joy several times a week.


00:00 Intro

02:30 Started from the bottom in the mortgage industry

04:51 “If you can build relationships, and you are a student of the game, you can make tons of money.” - Brian Covey

06:50 Compliance in Mortgage

09:50 How it works to borrow and put down on your house

12:34 Why work with local

14:50 How leads work

15:30 The difference between a general loan officer and one who is an expert

19:23 Mandates

21:06 Brian’s book- Conversations with Covey

26:00 Brian’s family

28:13 Jordan B. Peterson

29:24 Psycho Cybernetics

31:00 Mortgage conversation 

35:50 Zillow

41:59 The purpose of a local expert

47:04 The rules behind how you can or cannot buy a house

48:00 Arete

49:34 Glenn Stearns

51:25 Follow Brian @thebriancovey 

54:40 “Share what you are doing, show up on social media, and tell the world what you are doing.”- Brian Covey