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Nov 22, 2021

Candace Charee’ specializes in helping people, just like you, manifest the lives of their dreams. By fusing practical strategies with the teachings of esteemed manifestation teacher Neville Goddard, Candace walks her students down the path of elevating to the next level and creating their best lives.


In this episode, Brad and Candace discuss the meaning behind manifestation and how to create through the law of assumption.


00:00 Intro

02:30 Neville Goddard

06:00 “You’re doing manifestation no matter what.” - Candace Charee

08:41 A miraculous happening

10:51 Step one is education

12:00 “By changing our beliefs we no longer block the things that want to come to us.” - Candace Charee

15:00 People showing up based on your assumptions

17:30 Expect vs. Assume

20:26 What people are missing

22:55 Check out Candace’s Facebook groups!

26:30 It’s about the transformation

31:23 Unconscious vs. conscious brain

37:00 What Candace’s plans are

38:43 Effort defined

41:36 “You have to be your number one priority.” - Candace Charee

46:05 Proving it

51:20 Who is correct?

55:00 Tech Companies

57:46 Healing