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Nov 28, 2022

Ned Arnel "Carlos" Mencía (born October 22, 1967) is a Honduran-American comedian, writer, and actor. His style of comedy is often political and involves issues of race relations, Latin American culture, criminal justice, and social class. He is best known as the host of the Comedy Central show Mind of Mencia. Mencia performed at venerated LA stand-up venues such as The Comedy Store and The L.A. Cabaret. His success in these venues led to appearances on The Arsenio Hall Show and Buscando Estrellas, where he attained the title "International Comedy Grand Champion." Then, in 1994, Mencia was chosen to host HBO's Latin comedy showcase Loco Slam. He has performed with people like Chappelle, and George Lopez and has been mentioned as top three funniest comedians. He firmly believes that if you are not laughing, you are not living!


In this episode, Brad and Carlos break down the TRUTH about comedy and Carlos’ journey in his career and what he is now overcoming.


00:00 Intro

01:40 The internet trying to cancel Carlos

03:49 Bomb: Hard work is not all you need to climb out of the “rat race”

06:30 The sense of humility taught 

08:32 The road to comedy

11:50 The Comedy Store

14:40 What got him big

18:00 The internet attacks

23:00 The unfolding

30:00 Gag Gifts

34:18 Where the focus is

40:06 Comedy etiquette

47:00 Accused of stealing jokes

51:52 Bomb: The positive

57:00 Eddie Murphy

01:04:00 The reverse engineer

01:10:50 Bomb: The other side of pain

01:11:20 Bomb: “No matter how bad it is just keep on living.” - Carlos Mencia

01:12:55 Joe Rogan

01:19:45 Brad’s highschool reunion 

01:26:00 Unification of Latinos

01:37:55 French

01:42:37 Follow Carlos @carlosmencia everywhere and look into his show at The South Point

01:46:55 Listen up #Bombsquad!