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Sep 26, 2022

Chris Giesking is a highly sought-after fitness professional and educator. With over 10 thousand client sessions, he has built a reputation with the resilience of being an Army Ranger, dedication and experience of being lifelong athlete and a proven teaching methodology of a college professor. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and purposeful mission to improve others’ quality of life are rooted in some of the toughest conditions and experiences he faced while serving in 22 months of duty in Iraq. Chris's Win the Day System is applied with consistent results for both coaches and clients through his signature “WTD Health Compass” Using the 4 cardinal directions: N-Nutrition, S-Sleep, E-Exercise, and W-Wellness. Chris’ methods are designed to help each coach thrive and build a successful training career in a collaborative environment while offering the gym consistent training standards.


In this episode, Chris and Brad discuss Chris’ way of nutrition and wellness for all humans he helps. Listen in on what the compass of life is all about.


00:00 Intro

06:20 American Ninja Warrior

09:00 Getting 1% better on this podcast

15:30 Brad’s personal training exercise 

21:01 When you wake up…

22:30 Tips for sleeping

27:00 How you look at food

29:43 Bomb: Bad soil, bad roots, bad roots, bad fruits – Credit to Garrett White

32:53 Bomb: “Unless you apply your degrees in life, they mean nothing.” - Chris Geisking

37:30 Follow Chris on IG @coachchrisgiesking or go to 

39:15 Diet questions

46:00 Being real with your diet

50:37 Bomb: Any company would benefit from a healthier staff