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Mar 22, 2021

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A sought-after speaker on the real estate and mortgage finance circuit, Christine has broken glass ceilings and raised the bar for women in the mortgage industry for generations to come. An active member of MBA’s mPower Community, she is recognized for her editorial economic publications and guidance to mortgage industry professionals. 


In this episode, Christine and Brad dig in on all topics under the sun including banking, bikers, and bombs that include details about the Vision Summit in Tampa in June of this year! Guess who the keynote is?? Listen and find out!


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00:00 Intro

03:00 Raising the bar

05:21 Women in banking industry

07:47 The motorcycle world

20:04 The banking industry

23:00 Shout-out to Glenn Stearns

27:14 Make over a million dollars a year

28:38 Bomb 1: “The road gets lonelier as you continue to walk it” - and the question is can you do it.

29:03 Loan Officer is the entry way

29:45 Check out 2020 Vision for Success

37:00 The Vision Summit: June 8th and 9th

39:56 Bomb 2: BE YOU

45:26 What Brad is doing at the 2020 Vision for Success Summit

47:21 Shout out to Barry Habib

53:00 Consistent OUTFLOW

54:54 Shout out to Gary Vee

56:31 Bomb 3: “I don’t kiss as*, I do what I believe works.”

01:04:29 Bomb 4: Gratitude