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Mar 15, 2021

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Dan Caldwell, along with Charles Lewis and Tim Katz, founded TapouT, a clothing company aimed toward athletes and mixed martial arts (MMA) enthusiasts, in Grand Terrace, California in 1997, and became CEO of the company. TapouT started out of the back of a car selling t-shirts at the underground MMA competitions and classes. Today, Dan continues his entrepreneurship journey as a husband, father, and successful businessman.


In this episode, Dan and Brad uncover Dan’s awesome stories from his time with TapouT as well as stories today that have impacted his life from police officer to multi-millionaire- this is Dan’s story!


00:00 Intro

00:40 What was TAP OUT

04:14 Bomb 1: $10M people watching 

08:40 The UFC starting

11:00 What was the vision?

14:40 The truest story from Dan!

18:00 Dan’s rifle knife invention

24:00 What money can do first time you get it

25:00 Bomb 2: The best feeling in the world is helping your people when you can

27:07 Check out Dan’s podcast “Pretty and Punk Podcast”

28:40: “Us entrepreneur’s are always thinking about what is next.” - Dan Caldwell

30:40: Shout out to Andy Frisella

34:55 Election woes

36:20 The coolest story from Dan

42:03 Why entrepreneurs will save the world

48:35 What Brad would say to Elon Musk

50:15 How many businesses does Dan have?

51:20 “Billionaire Collectibles”

55:40 If you have memorabilia, reach out to Dan

57:04 Shout out to Grant Cardone

01:02:06 Bomb 3: Grateful for all experiences

01:04:55 TapouT TV show

01:10:05 Bomb 4: How can you have a good relationships and build a great business

01:11:35 Follow Dan!

01:12:30 Three pieces of advice from Dan to blow up your brand

01:17: 35 Bomb 5: You cannot fail if you never give up