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May 31, 2021

For more than three decades Dariush has been on a journey of running his own business specializing in sales and marketing in industries including telecommunications, consumer goods and services, and health and beauty. Dariush’s goal is to educate and inspire individuals and businesses to achieve abundance. 


In this episode, and on the heels of Brad’s REAL SUCCESS event in Las Vegas Brad and Dariush discuss business, life stories, the power of sales, the power of miracles, Muhammad Ali, and what it feels like to run serious businesses! Listen in for some beautiful stories and undeniable life lessons.


00:00 Intro

00:17 Follow Dariush Soudi @dariushsoudiofficial

02:27 “Sales is a system and a process, nothing happens in sales by chance.” - Dariush 

02:50 Dariush story

04:41 “Life is like a bag of candy. In the beginning, you just eat the candy, toward the end you start to nurture it.” - Dariush Soudi

10:00 Bomb 1: The fear of the unknown

10:38 Bomb 2: A lot of times when people are scared they are afraid of NOTHING

14:20 A near death experience

17:29 “If I don’t burn my boats, I will always go back.” - Dariush Soudi

22:30 Tabloids

25:10 Some miracles Dariush shares

26:40 “To be successful you need an equal balance of empathy and ego” - Dariush Soudi


31:25 The power of universal energy

39:44 “It’s a deal” versus “let me think about it”

44:10 Explanation of “buyers are liars”

49:48 Preparation

51:11 Living in Dubai

01:11:50 How a following helps you and the birth of Dariushs’ social media company

01:12:58 Bomb 3: With grit and determination Dariush has a staff of hundreds of people working for him

01:15:44 Follow Dariush and check out his website!