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Sep 30, 2021

Devin is a serial entrepreneur, an inspiring leader, and an adept marketer. As the CEO of Kennected, Devin directs the daily workflow and is responsible for the overall success of over 100 employees.

In this episode, Devin and Brad discuss the premise of relationships over money and the stories that made Devin who he is today as a very successful entrepreneur. Check out his website and what he can do for you to make more connections.


00:00 Intro

02:22 What is Kennected?

04:10 Sneakerheads

07:00 Why Devin was so driven in High School

10:05 How Devin founded Kennected

11:01 Bomb 1: Relationships over money

13:00 “Bad things happen to you but you have to be larger than yourself to pull yourself out of it.”

16:05 Leads generated from LinkedIn

18:10 “Every user is mandated to go through our training platform.”

21:17 Manually how to do it

24:53 “You can save 10 hours per week.”

25:21 “I am automating shaking hands online.”

30:00 Data

35:00 Devin’s Dad

39:00 Both worlds

42:34 The difference between a winner and a champion

45:00 “On LinkedIn you are one button away.”

49:15 Morning Routine

52:02 Check out