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Apr 22, 2021

Dr. Russell Surasky is the only tripled board-certified neurologist in the U.S. In addition to being a neurologist, he is also the lead authority on mental health and most notably addiction medicine. He is a sponsored national speaker where he trains doctors all around the country about the latest advancements in addiction medicine.


In this episode, Brad and Dr. Surasky cover everything from addiction, today’s world, science, and anti-aging! It is action-packed with serious details that you will WANT to know! Listen in and learn some amazing things!


00:00 Intro

00:30 Follow Dr. Surasky!

02:50 The limbic system

07:11 How do you know you’re addicted to something?

11:08 Bomb 1: Things have been politically motivated

11:50 Bomb 2: Masks, Quarantine, etc. are not healthcare, the world has worse conditions and that’s why they have died.

15:44 PCR testing

17:35: Florida in the news

19:05 Shout out to Ian Smith (Follow and support him)

24:44 What happens when you get vaccinated

25:00 What is a neurologist?

25:50 What you should do if you’re depressed

28:55 Bomb 3: Without persuasion you have nothing (this is not a negative connotation) 

32:20 What it means to be confident according to Brad Lea

33:06 How do you become an expert?

34:21 Neurology is the study of the nervous system

35:09 Bomb 4: The science would back up that our soul is what makes us HUMAN

38:00 Do More, Get Better, and Scale by Brad Lea

40:36 Bomb 5: “If you don’t think DC is run by lobbyists, you’re living in the clouds.” - Dr. Surasky

50:50 Bomb 6: Change your habits, change your life

51:36 Bomb 7: “If you are on meds and if you do not change your daily routine then you’re gonna go right back to the same circumstances.” - Dr. Surasky

53:40 What can people do if they are depressed?