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Jun 5, 2023

Eric Spofford is the CEO of Spofford Enterprises. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, recovered drug addict, and student of the game. At 23, inspired by his own struggles with addiction, Eric founded and operated one of the largest addiction treatment organizations in New England, which he sold for nine figures in 2021. Eric is also a seasoned real estate investor and developer. Spofford Enterprises overseas investments in commercial and multifamily real estate, private equity funds, a media company, and behavioral healthcare businesses, among other innovative ventures. Eric has numerous accolades to his name, including testifying before the U.S. Senate, being awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration, and becoming a published author. 

In this episode, Brad and Eric discuss addiction, how to overcome it,  how it’s affecting America, and how Eric is helping fight it.

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