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Nov 8, 2018

In the 111th episode of Dropping Bombs, Brad Lea chats with Craig Johnson. Craig is Co-founder of Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Cushions, an aftermarket motorcycle seat designed with a series of air chambers that redistribute a rider’s weight for superb comfort.

While Craig supplies easy rides, his path to success has been difficult. Almost immediately after production started, Wild Ass was hit with a patent infringement lawsuit that drained the company’s time and resources.

But, there’s a lesson learned for every obstacle overcome. Here are a few highlights from today’s episode:

  • The importance of sacrificing for what you want. If you don’t, what you want to achieve will be sacrificed.
  • Running low on inventory? Most entrepreneurs know that credit is HUGE when starting a business, but it also impacts how quickly you can scale and grow.
  • You’re never going to get something that you don’t ask for -- don’t be afraid to lead on your business relationships to keep you moving forward!
  • Want to hear “Yes” 100% of the time? Be sure to consider “Who do I talk to?” And, “What’s the right question?” to get guaranteed results.

Want to learn more? Check out Wild Ass on their website You can also follow the company on Instagram @therealwildass or Facebook.