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Oct 19, 2018

For the 108th episode of Dropping Bombs, Brad Lea is joined by Fam Mizra. Fam is a serial entrepreneur determined to create businesses that give back.

Most recently, he founded a smash-hit with the startup 1:Face — a philanthropic watch brand that allows customers to make a difference by giving a whopping 50% of each purchase to the charity of your choice.

Today on Dropping Bombs, Brad and Fam talk about building brands that change lives. Here are a few highlights:

  • You’re SURROUNDED by opportunities! In the middle ages, the average person only met 100 people in their lifetime. Now, a photo can get liked by 20,000 people and a status update can change the world.

  • Don’t mistake activity with progress. You can’t go from watching motivational videos to Netflix n’ chill and expect to accomplish anything. The average human lives 26,000 days. You have to use that time correctly.

  • The lessons learned in your life will come from your failures, not your successes.

  • Give yourself that hour when you wake up in the morning, it’ll change your life. Yoga, meditation, a gratitude journal. Unplug from your phone. The first hour of your day determines your day. Use that time to create a positive loop for yourself. Focus on the thoughts that should be a priority

Not only have both Brad and Fam demonstrated what their businesses can do to give back, but they both also excel at teaching others how to succeed. You don’t want to miss this bomb-filled episode!