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Nov 26, 2018

Is there anything about your life you’d like to change? Then plug in your headphones and shut off  any distractions, because today Brad Lea sits down with Nick Long; entrepreneur, business leader, and CEO of MediaMix365.

Nick is known as the “entrepreneur whisperer” for his success in helping men gain clarity and live a life in four-dimension. That means taking care of your physical body, your relationships, your bank accounts, and your overall being. Nick calls this approach the “Four B’s”: Body, Being, Balance, and Business.

In this episode of Dropping Bombs, Brad and Nick talk about the importance of consciously touching on each of those four areas daily. That means asking yourself, “What did I do for my body, my being, my life balance, and my business?” each and every day.

Here are a few highlights:

  • You are your own guru. You’re the greatest solution you’ve ever had access to.
  • Your money is a reflection of the value you place on yourself. It’s the measuring stick for self-worth.
  • No one WITH money says money doesn’t buy happiness, it’s only the people without it. Stop whining that money won’t do what you want and start figuring out how to get some.
  • Why watch everyone else’s life? Why not create a life that deserves to be watched?
  • Anxiety occurs when there’s a disconnect between your heart and your mind. Make an effort -- through journaling or meditation.
    Comparing your life to someone else is a joy-killer. You will ruin all the happiness in your own life when you start comparing it to someone else’s.
  • It takes 28 days to start or stop a habit, but you don’t see those results right away -- you need to stay committed. Give your all to something for 90 days and you’re guaranteed to see results.

Want to learn who you can become in 90 days? Check out his podcast, The Next 90 with Nick Long here. You can also learn more about Nick Long’s mastermind coaching sessions to get you there by visiting: