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Oct 30, 2018

What can businesses learn from the grassroots marketing efforts used to promote political campaigns? In the 109th episode of Dropping Bombs, that’s exactly what Brad will explore with guest Phillip Stutts. Here are a few highlights of today’s episode:

  • Is what’s wrong with our current political system something that can be fixed? And, if so, who’s best to do the fixing? #BradLea2028!
  • Hundreds of CEOs shared their frustrations, and Phillip found a solution to their problem: Marketing that’s all tactics and no strategy makes for poor ROI.
  • EVERYTHING is about personal relationships and strategy. That means, our marketing plan isn’t just paid activity. It’s everything from the way your staff communicates to your customers and clients. It’s how your brand is represented from the top, down.

Bottom line: If you master marketing, you’ll never be broke. And, if you’re not quite there yet, Phillip Stutts is offering the Bomb Squad a FREE, 5-minute marketing audit that can help you grow your business by up to 50%! Just follow this link: