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Nov 16, 2018

For the 113th episode of Dropping Bombs, Brad Lea sits down to chat fitness with Ryan Milton of TeamFFLEX. Ryan has eight years of personal training experience under his belt, and now draws from his expertise to offer online coaching to fitness clients all over the world.

While he’s still talking shop, today Ryan took a break from his main mission to try and drop a record-breaking number of bombs. Here are the highlights:

  • Not taking care of yourself might lose you more than self-esteem. You can lose out on opportunities, job offers, and the girl or guy of your dreams because they can spot your lack of discipline from a mile away.
  • Fitness isn’t just about looking great, it’s about confidence. It’s about what you can achieve when you believe in yourself. So, ask yourself, what are you robbing the world of by not going after your goals?
  • No one is perfect the first time around. Take a chance, solve your problems, then make adjustments.
  • If you are fat, it’s because you’re making bad choices. Stop rationalizing. Stop eating until you’re full. Stop making excuses. Start producing results.
  • Put forth your best appearance. If someone is judging you BEFORE I meet you, you have less of a chance of getting what you’re looking for in life--whether that’s a mate, a job, or an opportunity.

Are you interested in the convenience of online coaching to help you reach your fitness goals? Check out TeamFFLEX at or follow Ryan Milton @TeamFFlex on Instagram to see his client’s results!