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Nov 7, 2022

Jason Griggs is from Long Island, New York. He performed through six years of college four at West Virginia University as a communications major, then followed by two years at Adelphi graduating with a master’s degree in physical education. Shortly after Jason graduated, he took a few trips to visit his friend in Las Vegas.  At 22 Jason quickly became intrigued by the opportunity of the fast-growing city, decided to pack his bags and move by himself across the country to his new home Las Vegas. Jason quickly realized the opportunities were endless in the real estate business and started buying rental properties with friends and family members from back in New York. Jason had great success early with investing in rental properties he then found that investing in Short Term Rentals was much more lucrative.  It has always been in Jason’s DNA to help others. Normally it was in sports coaching the youth, but it has now translated into helping other entrepreneurs build their rental portfolio. Jason has built himself a rental portfolio of 21 homes within just six years in the business. Jason has learned the greatest thing in the world is having a big network and having a big network creates opportunities that can make you Move Up in the world.


In this episode, Brad and Jason discuss why being a realtor is the “dumbest” profession in the word IF you aren’t doing it the RIGHT way. Learn how inside this episode.


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04:00 Teachers

07:00 Getting into real estate

07:23 Bomb: The real money is owning real estate

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17:20 Renting 

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