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Jun 14, 2021

Jeremiah “The Bull” Evans, owner and founder of Alpha Influence has generated over $11 million in personal sales and has helped 100’s others build their own 6 figure businesses. He is an expert sales coach and a master motivator. His mission is to help others create the same success.

In this episode, Jeremiah and Brad uncover Jeremiah's method to teaching, what it means to be a bada**, and tactical steps to success. 


00:00 Intro

01:13 Follow Jeremiah

02:51 Jeremiah younger age story → to today

05:00 Personal Development

06:41 Bomb 1: Don’t settle for mediocre results

07:31 Bomb 2: Sales is the most important skill to have

9:33 How Alpha Influence started

10:23 The “FU” motivator

12:15 Jeremiah’s education programs

15:00 “My life has changed because of you.”

16:40 Brad answers his phone because…

18:06 Jeremiah’s method: Prospecting 

23:06 The businesses that have the best tax advantages

24:23 Bomb 3: There is more money to be made in avoiding losses than by seeking gains

30:23 What you can avoid financially and insurance-wise

36:25 Jeremiah’s vision

37:23 The REAL brand

39:41 Why Alpha Influence

39:54 “Be great or be nothing”

41:15 “I didn’t want to live…”

41:48 Bomb 4: No one is coming to save you

45:04 “Go be a badass”

45:40 Support Underground Railroad!

46:43 Bomb 5: Inspire others to be great

51:48 Bomb 6: If you know how to sell, make sure you are selling a good product and knock it out of the park

51:57 check out

52:25 Go to Jeremiah’s website and put in who referred you and sign up!