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Oct 30, 2023

After working for major companies and becoming a valuable asset for Solar City, Titan Solar approached him to join their sales team, where he decided to become an entrepreneur and created his own company, Renewable Power, which started in Arizona, then it grew and expanded exponentially to Florida, California, Texas, North Carolina, and all over the nation. Jimmy hasn’t just build a Solar Educational and Consulting company, he’d build a team of dedicated individuals through the States that follow his passion for planet conservation and helping people be energy self-sufficient - his effots had placed him to appear named magazines, such as: Forbes, Wealth Insider, American Weekly and has won awards such as INC 5000 entering the #16 position at Fastest Growing Companies in the USA and #12 on the Energy industry. Renewable Power USA has helped thousands of families change the way they generate energy and reduce their carbon footprint, while leading the Solar Revolution in the world of renewable energies. 


In this episode, Brad and Jimmy talk about how Jimmy used his skills and experience in the solar energy sales industry to create a training program that caters to the Spanish speaking community. Learn what it means to invest in energy in this episode.



  • If you have resources, you should use it to help others.

  • “Everything I have I owe to God and if I invest everything into that, I’ll be pretty happy.”


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