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Mar 21, 2022

Joel Sandoval, CPA is a successful entrepreneur and tax mastermind, having helped business owners save $37 million in taxes. The story of his start in the tax industry goes back to the peak of the real estate market crash in 2007. He was new to the job force with one foot in the real estate industry. However, with so many people losing their homes, he was afraid he had hit a brick wall in real estate. Fortunately, the CPA at the escrow company he was employed with, shared her experience as an accountant during such a volatile time. This ignited a spark in Joel, he began talking with other CPAs which only further increased his interest in the accounting industry.


In this episode, Brad and Joel discuss what the magic is that a REAL CPA can do you for you.

Tune in and save your money!


00:00 Intro

01:06 check it out to see how you can save money on your own

06:00 The road to entrepreneurship

08:30 Business owners who are behind on taxes

14:00 Filing your taxes on line

18:10 What you can learn from Joel's courses

20:35 What you can do to lower taxes

25:00 Gambling

27:40 What “most” CPAs do

29:20 Holding Companies

33:00 PPP money

38:00 Why there would be chaos if there was “flat tax”

43:00 The rules of the game

47:30 Your method of accounting

49:40 An audit

53:39 What is changing about taxes this year?

54:51 Bomb: CPA’s can help save you as much as possible!

54:55 Follow Joel

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