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Jul 19, 2021

John Di Domenico is one of the busiest and hardest working corporate entertainers and character actors in the United States. John specializes in thoroughly evaluating his clients' mission, objectives, and goals, and then strategically customizing his highly unique brand of powerful content-driven comedy to specifically fit his clients' production. Whether John is writing, directing, or performing as an emcee, game show host, presenter, comedian, or character, John consistently exceeds his clients' expectations.


In this episode, Brad and John talk about the road to acting and John’s career and also about internal strife based on different upbringings to get where they are today in life!


00:00 Intro

01:00 Series of impersonations right off the bat

05:15 What medium John would pick 

08:00 Trump supporter vs. Trump non-supporter

08:46 “My goal is to entertain an entire audience.” - John Di Domenico

12:49 Follow John @JohnnyD23

13:28 “My parents fought constantly and this was my defense mechanism.” -  John Di Domenico

16:00 John’s story

20:00 How perspectives can change based on knowing other people’s trauma

23:30 “I knew there was another place out there, and I wanted to be THERE.” - John Di Domenico

24:19 Bomb 1: “Life has to be lived.”

29:00 Interactivity -- good or bad news… (go to for more info ;))

31:20 Nickname for Richard

33:00 The best actor today…

35:00 Joe Rogan

38:14 John’s favorite to do

46:00 What we are being inundated with

47:00 Aliens

50:30 Luck

52:11 Bomb 2: No one owes you anything

53:24 Bomb 3: You have to save yourself

55:00 A little bit of Brad’s story

01:02:30 Make the right choices

01:04:21 Watch “Let’s Be Real” on hulu!