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Aug 26, 2021

Larry Hagner is the creator of the The Good Dad Project Podcast, featured as one of the top podcasts on iTunes. A graduate of Southeast Missouri State University with a background in Health, Wellness, and Nutrition, Larry went on to be the founder of The Good Dad Project, a successful organization that is dedicated to helping Dads through various resources. Larry is also a dynamic speaker who has spoken for several churches, men's groups, women's groups, and couples with outstanding reviews.


In this episode, Brad and Larry unpack how to become a better Dad and how to always be growing and learning how to be a good parent in general. This episode is packed with tips on how to be positive versus toxic. Tune in!


00:00 Intro

01:23 Larry’s story

07:00 12 years old and curious as ever!

10:13 “I gave up on life.”

11:00 Second interaction

12:42 “I am not going to be what I grew up with.”

14:50 Spanking your kids

17:02 Fast forward to Larry as a Dad to his son

19:35 How The Good Dad Project started

21:10 “I am not a Dad Guru, I am a Dad student.” 

29:00 Screen time

31:35 “I’m bored”

35:00 Advice on feeling

39:00 Disconnection advice

44:00 The questions that create a learning moment

49:00 Fighting

53:00 Spouse respect

54:00 Apply for the Dad alliance and go to

57:45 Why we get married

01:03:59 Advice for Moms: The Mama Wives Tribe

01:05:07 “Trying to execute parenting flawlessly is absolutely impossible.” - Larry Hagner