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Mar 24, 2022

Marshall Wilkinson is a well-known sales and negotiation expert, coach, and consultant who has worked alongside some of the best executives and producers of renowned organizations in business. He has negotiated and facilitated billions of dollars in transactions on some of the largest construction contracts in New York City. NYC is known as being one of the most challenging construction markets in the world, Marshall has thrived in this arena for more than a decade. Having mastered the ins and outs of New York's construction and real estate scenes, he shares his in-depth knowledge and expertise with professionals in various industries through one-on-one coaching sessions. Marshall holds daily coaching and morning sales meetings for his clients. He also provides a Member Portal, which guarantees lifetime access to all audio recordings, videos, and workbooks as well as a community, for coaching clients to share insights and network. Coaching sessions, on any given day can vary from strategy, meeting preparation, cold calling roleplay, script-building, negotiation training, closing, accountability and metrics tracking.


In this episode, Marshall and Brad discuss all things bitcoin, blockchain, negotiation, and closing principles. Tune in and you WILL learn a massive amount!


00:00 Intro

03:30 Follow @realmarshallwilkinson

04:30 Elon Musk and crypto

13:00 Blockchain

16:00 Negotiation

18:00 “The power is with the seller.” - Marshall Wilkinson

22:00 Bomb: “I don’t know if I don’t ask.” - Marshall W.

29:00 Mancave idea

31:30 Inflation Hedging Assets

37:00 Marshall’s courses

38:56 Ferrari

45:00 Trump

47:50 “What does it cost to spend an hour with you?”

53:00 Fear of crypto

56:20 Reach out to Marshall on IG or YouTube!

58:00 The calm factor

59:00 “A bad deal is worse than no deal.” - Marshall W.

01:04:55 Bomb: Be reasonable