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Aug 4, 2022

Marty Cordova is former Major League baseball player and now in the media business with major people who works with brands like Kevin Hart and Joe Rogan alike. Marty opens up in this episode about his life and how drinking affected him and how he overcame it. He also discusses his success and speaks to his story and what he became from it.


Tune in to this episode and take notes – these are life lessons for you and yours.


00:00 Intro

06:00 Joe Rogan and Dana White

11:00 “Timing is everything.”  - Marty Cordova

14:00 Real Estate

17:30 Drinking and Drugs

22:00 Bomb: Drunk driving is no excuse now with ubers

27:33 Getting help

36:20 Ayahuasca

46:00 Separating your groups of friends and circles

51:00 Joe Rogan

59:20 If anyone has content they want to monetize reach out to Marty and Bent Pixels