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Aug 19, 2021

Michael Franzese was born into one of New York’s most violent and feared Colombo crime families. It was like a rite of passage to become part of the criminal underworld, or as they used to call it “the family business.” Michael was VERY good at what he did for the family. Michael was the first to walk away without protective custody and survive. He turned his skillset from his family business into good. Michael now uses his experience to help corporate executives, professional & student athletes, at-risk youths, and church audiences. Michael is a real example now for the world to look at and get better from.

In this episode, Brad and Michael discuss coming to Jesus, escaping from the mob, and what it means to be truly free in life and in the USA. Tune in as Michael, a former member, recalls his risky exit from one of New York’s most infamous mafia families.


00:00 Intro

01:02 Follow Michael and subscribe on YouTube!

05:39 How Michael got into the mob and his story

08:10 Indictments 

09:32 The numbers

12:19 How principles are applied

13:20 “Do what you do best and delegate the rest.” - Michael Franzese

15:40 “The government is the new mafia.”

17:20 Michael’s faith

18:33 “I didn’t find God, he found me.” - Michael Franzese

20:53 Read Michaels Book: Blood Covenant 

24:30 The people you don’t argue with

28:50 What Brad did as a kid

32:12 “Can a leopard change their spots?”

35:10 Understand this...

39:10 How politics affects life

39:55 Michael’s new book coming out

40:40 Bomb 1: Accountability

45:10 Check out Michael’s website for his new book or any of his others

49:55 “Intelligent design”

51:50 The verse that changed Michael’s life

53:19 “How are you still alive?”

56:30 Bomb 2: “God had a different reason for me being here in life or it doesn’t make sense. Period.” - Michael Franzese

58:10 Life skills, business, and leadership coaching from Michael

58:24 “A leader is only a leader when people choose to follow them.” - Michael Franzese

01:00:44 Apply at 

01:07:00 $2 Million a week

01:12:16 “You have to listen. Let people talk. Let people give you the information that you need to respond to them properly.” - Michael Franzese

01:16:30 How the mafia started

01:17:52 “Everything that is legal isn’t necessarily moral and everything that is moral doesn’t have to be legal.” Michael Franzese

01:18:43 Watch The Gotti Movie, Bronx Tale, Godfather, Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco