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Mar 17, 2022

Mike Sancho is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Wealth Accelerators Services, Inc. Mike has been a serial entrepreneur for nearly a decade and first started creating businesses in his teenage years because he could never find fulfillment in working a job or having a boss. He began learning new ways of making money from there which led him to real estate investing, e-commerce, Forex trading, and more. Now a seasoned professional, Mike has generated over 20 million in sales. He knows how to generate wealth. His track record, coupled with his five star team, are driving the momentum and awareness for wealth acceleration. Mike is an entrepreneur dedicated to lifting others to their highest potential.   


In this episode Brad and Mike discuss how Mike has built Wealth Accelerators which helps other build their wealth with multiple streams of income. Tune in and learn how you can be next!


00:00 Intro

03:30 Cars attract people

05:30 Government contracts

08:13 “I don’t want anything free from anyone, I am going to add value first.” - Mike Sancho

10:00 Network marketing

14:50 Funding company using other people’s money

18:00 Driven mindset

23:00 “It took me four times to quit to work on my own.” - Mike Sancho

28:00 “Me failing has what’s made me the most successful.” - Mike Sancho

32:30 Go to or follow Mike @themikesancho 

36:30 Top three lessons to apply to entrepreneurship

39:30 How to know who is good to work with and who is bad to work with; get your hands dirty!

43:00 Value is everything

43:20 Check out Mike’s social for tickets to his event! @wealthaccelerators or @themikesancho