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Nov 24, 2022

Born in Ohio, Naaman Taylor is a real estate investor and wholesaler that gained his recognition from investing virtually while being stationed 5,000 miles away from home in active duty. Naaman Taylor has been investing in Real Estate since 2014 utilizing the VA Loan while in the US Army. It wasn’t until 2020 that he decided to take a bigger step into it and become the person he is today. Certified Closer Real Estate Soldier is the nickname he gained after making a name for himself in the Wholesaling World. Taylor is now the host of the Wholesaling Micro Tribe weekly calls from RatRaceToFi where over 100 members get to see the blueprint and all insights that go into being a wholesaler. Known guests in the call include RJ Bates, Real Estate Ditty, Steven Morales etc.


In this episode, Naaman and Brad discuss his time in the military and how he combined the VA loan with real estate and got the best of both worlds. Tune in to his entrepreneurial journey.


00:00 Intro

02:44 Real Estate

06:00 Follow Naaman @naamantaylorinvestor or go to 

07:51 Wholesale

10:20 Contracts

15:29 Becoming a billionaire

17:30 The Micro Tribe

20:17 Coaching

25:00 VA Loans

30:00 Leaving the military

34:05 “How can I be an 8-Figure Husband?”

38:00 Loyalty