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May 16, 2022

Nate Kennedy is, above all, a husband & father.  His wife Susan, and two children are, as Nate would be quick to say, his greatest accomplishments. Bar None. Among his other passions, he counts business building, playing “Full Contact Entrepreneur”, Helping business owners reach their goals, and staying fit. His methods in business and consulting are decidedly “Tough Love”, Keeping his team and partners on track with a healthy mix of consulting, support, proper connections and honest feedback. 

In this episode, Nate and Brad discuss the ins and outs of marketing and what it takes to be your own doctor of marketing.

00:00 Intro

3:50 Cost per lead

06:10 Paid ads that don’t work

07:00 “People don’t fully understand what they are selling and who they are selling to so it’s the wrong offer.” - Nate Kennedy

10:00 Copyright

10:44 Go check out Nate’s book All Gas No Brakes also go to and check out what he does.

15:25 Follow Nate @natekennedymd 

17:53 Bomb: A lot of people love to sell but if you do not know how to fulfill and you will fail - Nate

23:35 Keeping your work clean

28:33 CPM: Cost per impression/cost per million

30:30 Convertkit or Drip especially if you are a one man band

34:00 Staying in touch with your lists

38:00 Start building your list immediately

41:00 Top Secret stuff

48:00 The best outline for the email

53:25 Look out for the Brad Lea brand coming in hot

55:20 Bomb: The beauty of owning your own audience

01:01:28 Bomb: “I would rather have engagement over anything.” - Nate Kennedy