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Jul 15, 2021

Neel’s goal is to help those in the mortgage and real estate industry thrive in the next decade by building personal brands and learning how to properly market themselves on the platforms that matter most. Neel executed this exact strategy and took his personal income from $300K to $1MM+ in just 12 months. 


In this episode, Neel and Brad discuss the mortgage industry as well as the importance of a personal brand in this day and age! Tune in and learn the tactical steps for yourself!


00:00 Intro

00:48 Neel’s story

03:45 Segregate your money

05:25 Bomb 1: Pay your taxes

08:00 Coinbase

09:30 Zillow stock

13:00 “The moment you stop what you’re doing, your business becomes worthless.” - Neel Dhingra

14:55 A personal brand

15:12 Shout-out to Gary Vee

17:02 Bomb 2: Get educated before you share so you have a ton of value to give to others

20:24 Follow Brad on YouTube! (link below!)

25:12 Why Everybody Needs to Build A Personal Brand

26:20 Reach out to @neelhome on IG and send him #BOMBSQUAD if you want to know what he’s about from listening.

28:39 Suggested vs. Optimized

33:00 “I’m passionate when a customer says, ‘thank you, you have changed my life’” - Neel Dhingra

34:35 “The best way to build a personal brand is to teach people what to do on their own based on your expertise.” - Neel Dhingra

37:05 Bomb 3: What you will look for you will find-- that’s how life works. (Inspired by Gary Vee)

39:00 Neel’s lucky Gary Vee story

41:16 Neel’s most important message

41:49 Check out Neel’s podcast; The Neel Home Podcast

43:30 Make content around the problems you solve

49:20 How to overcome the fear of building a brand in the first place

51:17 The most relevant content (go to google trends or )

53:41 “Attention is important.” - Neel Dhingra