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May 18, 2023

Nick hasn’t had the easiest life but has created one of joy from a lot of pain. His father turned out to be a drug dealer who held his family hostage and by 1995 the abuse had gotten so bad that his mother tried to leave him. Naturally Nick turned to drugs and found himself in a lot of trouble and in custody of homeland security's ICE. That's when he was pulled into roofing from one of his best friends who knew he was facing tough times. Together they built a multimillion-dollar roofing company with a huge number of accolades. Nick became the COO of the firm and built it up but he quickly learned working with friends is trouble too and turned back to drugs. After sobering up in 2017 he carried a solar company up to 2.5M and started his own company. Now with zero employees Nick has one of the fastest growing roofing companies using technology and automation.


In this episode, Brad and Nick discuss his hardships and how it paved the way for his success with his own business and how he hit rock bottom but now has seen the opposite in the roofing business.


ALWAYs get everything in writing.

Closer School Live changed Nick’s life.

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