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Sep 25, 2018

In episode 102 of Dropping Bombs, Brad Lea sits down with Patch Baker of Mobius Media Solutions. Patch Baker has been an entrepreneur since his early 20’s. The Marine Corps Combat Veteran has built and sold five companies with a talent for expanding and diversifying client sourcing and revenue streams. Throughout his career, his true passion has always been about the “build” and the “chase” of the next major milestone of growth.

To entrepreneurs and business owners seeking out expert assistance, Patch has a message:

“If you’re telling a consultant what to do, you’re doing it wrong. People will pay you to help them, then they want to tell you what to do. When’s the last time that you hired a lawyer, then told them how to argue your case?”

Want to hear more of Patch’s no-nonsense advice? Don’t miss this episode of Dropping Bombs! Highlights of what was discussed include:

  • Stop telling people to buy your shit. No one is going to buy. You need to build a RELATIONSHIP with people before you ask them to give you their business. Give away knowledge to build value in what you’re talking about. If you’re doing that and doing it well, people will listen when you offer your services.

  • If your product is bad, there’s nothing advertising can do to build your business! Before you worry about getting attention, worry about what you’re going to do when you get the attention. Too many people think about marketing; think about what you’re delivering to keep customers coming back.


  • If Facebook isn’t working for you, you’re doing it wrong. “None of this is guesswork,” states Patch. “It’s important to get the right message to the right person at the right time.”

If you’re a Veteran interested in working with Mobius Media Solutions, visit their website or Instagram to learn more.