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Mar 11, 2024

Following the successful sale of his fully integrated multifamily platform, CARROLL, founded in 2004, M. Patrick Carroll, a luminary in real estate investment and entrepreneurship, embarked on a new endeavor: to create a premier hybrid family office platform that capitalizes on his illustrious track record, influential relationships and personal wealth. This is Llorrac Holdings.

Between 2011 and 2021, CARROLL strategically prioritized volume under Patrick’s leadership. He spearheaded an elite acquisitions team, meticulously vetting thousands of deals and cultivating ties with more than twenty of the globe’s largest institutional equity investors. This strategy capitalized on historically low-interest rates, the ascendant status of multifamily as an institutional asset class, and exclusive relationships that yielded a robust off-market deal flow. Llorrac Holdings is poised to echo the successful investment approach of CARROLL. Our strategy hinges on rigorous investment criteria and underwriting, emphasizing in-place cash flows. We will target markets exhibiting high growth and a conducive business environment with a focus on necessity-based sectors, such as housing.


In this episode, Brad and Patrick discuss how Patrick built a dream life through real estate investing and where his entrepreneurial journey is now.


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