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Sep 20, 2018

Brad sits down with Grant Dougherty, the Chief Strategy Officer at Senior Life Services. SLS is a is a subsidiary of Florida Insurance Services, known famously in their local community as Florida Health Agency of Vero Beach, with roots dating back to 1978.

The originating agency grew to become a major provider of life, health and annuity products throughout Florida—and now Senior Life Services is looking for applicants to join their team. Look for details about the opportunity below. And, be sure to listen to this episode! Here’s a bit of what Brad and Grant covered:

  • Next level networking. It’s important to invest in yourself, and get around the big players. Proximity to power.
  • The power of relatability. If someone can see themselves in your situation--whether struggles or success--you have the ability to change lives. Embrace your difficulties and share how you overcame them.
  • The more struggle you go through, the more prepared you are to meet the next set of challenges you’ll encounter.
  • To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to change perspective. Too many entrepreneurs aren’t willing to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Ask questions, perform surveys, understand someone else’s problems before you try to solve them.
  • Most people miss opportunities because they’re disguised as a risk. Do you want to succeed at those opportunities? Make good choices and you’ll get there.

Remember, the desire in your heart has to change. If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.

Interested in learning more about the opportunity at Senior Life Services? Head to Be sure to mention #BombSquad when you apply!