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Apr 29, 2021

Ricardo Has completed over 200 rehabs (Holds and Flips), started a wholesaling business in the Houston area, currently has 23 flips ongoing and a few other properties rented, a few properties on the market for retail as well as for wholesale. Raised Millions of dollars in private funds.


In this episode, Brad and Ricardo discuss everything from life, real estate, being rich, and being poor. Ricardo explains his business model and most importantly his mastermind style event that you should attend THIS WEEKEND in Houston!


00:00 Intro

03:35 Bomb 1: Leave all your wealth for your kids

04:34 How Ricardo lost an 8-figure company

09:57 To be cautious or not to be cautious based on past experience

10:33 Bomb 2: Become the hurricane

11:40 April 30-May 2nd in Houston GET YOUR TICKET

13:33 Follow Ricardo @ricardorosales

23:20 “It’s never too late to get into real estate” - Ricardo Rosales

25:36 Reach out to Ricardo for any joint ventures

29:46 “D” properties into “C” properties

31:30 Shout-out to Keyon and Pat

34:23 Pace Picante Sauce

36:50 Brad’s opinion on college

44:41 Become a private lender (seller finance)

47:03 Clubhouse conversation

48:43 People want REAL

54:38 Be careful what you do on craigslist

01:00:00 Covid convo

01:02:56 Get your last minute ticket to Ricardo’s event!