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Jan 25, 2021

Rocky Zapata has dedicated his life to developing people of all backgrounds and cultures, discover the leader they carry within. The courses he has created will help you identify what leadership is and give you a few tools to become a better one yourself.

In this episode, Rocky tells Brad how he is genuinely in love with the leadership topic and how to help people find their purpose. Visit to learn more about Rocky and what his LightSpeed Virtual Training Courses can help YOU learn.


00:00 Intro

03:19 What is missing in leadership these days?

05:07 How did Rocky start out?

07:50 First Bomb: One thing you cannot lack is belief in yourself

12:25 Everyone is a leader

17:04 Second Bomb: The opportunities that exist in the best country in the world

20:00 Rocky’s educational story

25:18 Fatherhood

26:53 Third Bomb: You can influence 1000’s with leadership but if you don’t influence your own family then it is a loss

31:44 Rocky for President of Nicaragua

33:44 Rocky’s goals for the world

38:06 Manage Money

39:30 Fourth Bomb: $20M or $100M retort

42:17 What does Rocky’s company do?

45:40 Leadership defined by Rocky

47:10 Are leaders born or are leaders made?

52:55 Fifth Bomb: To connect with people you have to speak their language

56:06 Covid

57:30 Quarterly Review

59:37 Brad’s Bomb: on raises

01:01:09 You can only build and help people who want to be built and helped

01:03:24 Rocky’s Virtual Training system

01:07:39 Rocky’s goal

01:08:20 Sixth Bomb: Rocky’s goal to help everyone he can to find their purpose