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Apr 15, 2021

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Ryan Alford is a highly experienced marketing executive who has had the privilege of working with and guiding brands like Verizon, Lexus, Samsung, Toyota, The NFL, Firehouse Subs, and many other household names. Now, the founder and agency chief of RADICAL, a boutique, full service, digital marketing agency in Greenville, South Carolina.


In this episode, Brad and Ryan talk EVERYTHING about marketing and the importance of it. This is a great episode with amazing knowledge on your brand strategies.


00:00 Intro

01:10 Ryan’s story

03:25 “Your promise is in the message”  - Ryan Alford

04:08 “Marketing starts with consumer behavior” - Ryan Alford


07:10 What you can do with a personal brand

08:29 “I bet my career that people who have personal brands make more money for their companies than those who don’t” - Ryan Alford

11:23 Story time

13:21 Bomb 1: Personal Branding is the key

14:16 “Content development is writing and showcasing your knowledge” - Ryan Alford

18:20 Bomb 2: Stay top of mind because attention is fleeting

19:13 Follow Ryan Alford - @ryanalford

26:02 What is the lasting impression you want people to have on your brand?

28:20 What do you want your customers to Think, Feel, & Do?

31:25 Where did “REAL” come from?

38:54 Be a problem-solver

42:15 Lil Nas

49:35 Website is the most important piece

51:20 Ryan’s book that he will write is called, “Forever Date” - When you are forever dating your brand is always exciting.

52:18 Bomb 3: “We are always focused on growing new instead of taking care of old”

53:20 Bomb 4: Customer relationships are the most important thing in marketing

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