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Apr 19, 2021

Sam Kwak one of the “Kwak Brothers” is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, mentor, and an author of many books. Today you may find the Kwak Brothers on YouTube or on stage speaking to empower individuals in the world of real estate investing. Their goal is to put you first and your problems first before all else!


In this episode, Brad and Sam uncover a lot of awesome information on real estate, investing, faith, and finance. Join the bomb squad and listen in on this very informative episode!

00:00 Intro

00:25 Who are the Kwak Brothers

02:33 North vs. South Korea

07:00 The problems with the US

08:45 What do Buddhists believe?

16:00 What Sam learned in college

18:12 Why Real Estate?

23:43 Do you want to invest in the Kwak Brothers, reach out to them!

31:50 The concept/strategy that was founded overseas; pay off your 30-year mortgage in seven years!

32:51 Go to or and join Brad’s masterclass and/or 1:1 training!

43:35 Go to the Kwak Brothers youtube to learn more about their strategies!

49:30 Renting vs. Owning

52:14 Keep up with the trends

52:41 Learn how to invest in real estate by following the Kwak Brother

56:45 Sam’s Covid-19 experience

01:00:21 Goals from the Sam Kwak

01:00:56 Yeshua, Joshua, Jesus etc.

01:02:16 What Brad believes about sound

01:09:00 Sam’s Five Year Vision

01:09:48 Bomb 1: Software 

01:14:43 Bomb 2: “The more you accept and embrace pain, the more beautiful it becomes” - Sam Kwak