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Jul 8, 2021

Scott Joseph’s passion is to get sales and marketing to operate as a unified, high-performing machine. Scott started his journey in the automotive industry selling cars long before my car dealerships or J&L Marketing was even a thought. Today, Scott’s role is the same in all of the companies he is fortunate to own and lead. Scott focuses on innovation, strategic alliances, improving business plans and the overall vision.


In this episode, Scott and Brad discuss the importance of marketing for small businesses and what it means to your business today to be successful.

00:00 Intro

02:03 “Digital is so easy as long as you have someone who understands the data; know your numbers.” - Scott Joseph

04:30 How Scott got started selling cars

08:20 “I’m going to start marketing for car dealerships, not sell.” - Scott Joseph

11:51 What Brad had to do to keep the lights on at LightSpeed VT

14:19 “The number one thing you must have is a great General Manager because if you have that, you have a license to print money.” - Scott Joseph

15:00 AI

22:30 The accidental advertisement

24:03 “If you are an owner of a business you want to have the faith and trust that nothing is going on behind the scenes.” - Scott Joseph

28:00 P&L’s in the car dealer business

31:12 What you can do next month to increase your sales

34:00 The power of having a jet

38:30 The media

40:51 Top five things to be successful 

44:31 “Start with your belief system and let it impact the result.”

48:12 Brad’s top 5

51:18 “The knowledge is irrelevant if you do not follow it.”

51:42 Shout-out to #75Hard

56:00 Water

58:29 Check out Scott’s podcast, website, and give him a follow!