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Nov 25, 2021

With nothing positive to show for his life up to that point and a massive challenge ahead Sean Crane had a decision to make. Would he give up and let the rest of his life pass him by like the first 23 did or could he face his fears, fight through the pain and pursue the life he always wanted? From a small cement box Sean was able to take control of his life. He completely transformed his mentality, his routines, and the results he got in his life. 


In this episode, Brad and Sean discuss how when you share your story and change your mindset all your goals and dreams are possible.


00:00 Intro

00:50 Sean’s story

04:07 Sean’s goal

06:19 Sean’s murder case

10:40 When Sean got to court

17:08 Reading and writing

19:15 Bomb: “I saw in that  moment that I could truly change my life in that jail cell…” - Sean Crane

22:45 “Five and a half years felt like forever.” - Sean Crane

25:15 The next step

26:55 Message: Start with a small daily action and you’ll get closer every day

32:46 Mindset

33:00 “Life is happening for you not for you, every day is a gift, even the adversity.” - Sean Crane

39:55 Go to to book Sean for speaking and get his book!

41:51 Bomb: Remember the precious moments and make the day count-- gratitude

48:00 Perspective

51:20 Fitness

55:40 With self-talk you are more likely to see the opportunity-- it makes you think.