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Sep 27, 2018

Today Brad Lea is joined by Naveen Jain, a notable entrepreneur, and philanthropist with a rich history of building successful, socially-conscious companies. Naveen is the founder of Moon Express, inome, Intelius, TalentWise, World Innovation Institute, Infospace, and now Viome Gut Testing.

Despite his wealth and numerous accomplishments, Naveen still speaks about his humble background and states that the credit for this successes is not his alone — but belongs to the many people who helped him along his way.

Throughout this hour podcast, Brad and Naveen dive into a mutual passion: Solving challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship. Here are a few of the topics they discussed:

  • Why it’s important to focus on innovations that improve the lives of others. “I don’t want to make money, I want to solve problems,” Naveen says.

    “I am focused on how to give back because so many people helped me get to where I am today. But, those who helped me don’t need my help. So, the best that I can do is to pay it forward.”

  • Philanthropy isn’t about giving money, it’s about solving problems. I want to solve problems that, if we are successful, would improve the lives of millions.

  • The best thing you can ever do in your life is NOT to become an expert in the things that you’re doing. The day you become an expert in a field is the day you become useless in that field — all you can make at that point are incremental improvements.

    If you really want to change something ten-times over, you have to revisit, rethink, and reinvent the foundation of the field that its experts have taken for granted. The biggest strength you have is when you start something and admit you know nothing.

How can you mirror Naveen Jain’s success? Stay focused on your mission, not the money! Naveen is staying focused with his newest project, Viome. Viome aims to take on chronic disease, not with medicine but by providing customers with tailored dietary recommendations based on a submitted sample of that individual’s gut bacteria.

Just for the Bomb Squad, Naveen is offering a discount on Viome! Head to and get your kit and personal digestive health assessment today!

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