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Jun 12, 2018

“Nothing in life stays the same,” says Edwin Arroyave. “You’re either getting better or getting worse.” So, which way do you want to go?

If your answer is getting better (and why wouldn’t it be?), then this might be the most valuable, actionable-advice-filled Dropping Bombs yet! Listen as Brad sits down with Edwin Arroyave, founder of Skyline Security Management—the hugely successful distributor of home security and automation products.

In a mere 43 minutes, you’ll hear two entrepreneurs at the top of their game share thoughts on what makes a good pitch, how to spot a great client, and, even better, offer up an unbeatable opportunity for anyone eager to put some muscle into their hustle.

Psst...Want to sharpen your sales skills by getting onboard with a fast-growing, BBB-accredited company that’s rated high for employee satisfaction? Skyline is hiring! Tune in to learn how you can apply.