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Apr 21, 2022

Tianna Mick, fresh off of the showroom floor, focuses on Business Development and Industry Relations for Dealer Synergy. She was consistently the top-grossing salesperson, averaging 20+ units and generating $9K – $10K each month in personal income at only 19-years-old. Tianna is globally recognized for her award-winning website, which was voted as the #1 Personal Website in the Automotive Industry.


In this episode, Tianna and Brad discuss everything in the automotive industry as well as what it means to Tianna to be a young woman and running the show!


00:00 Intro

02:41 Females in the car business

04:40 The LGBTQ+ community

07:30 The boys club in car dealerships

10:45 “Dealers should have diversity.”

18:50 What Tianna did when she got started in the business

23:20 Starting your personal brand

28:30 Pandemic in the car business

34:00 Targeted ads

39:00 Dealers need to train people better

45:00 Cars you drive

48:55 Why dealers should be more diverse

51:30 Viral videos

53:03 Bomb: Go follow Tianna @tiannamick or @tgotyourkeys