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Jun 17, 2021

In 2006 Tim defended his World Title for the 4th time and retired from professional fighting with a record of 15-1. Since retiring Tim has trained three fighters with no previous boxing experience to all become Golden Gloves Champions. In 2010 Tim moved to Las Vegas where he became an in-demand coach at Xtreme Couture MMA, where he founded Tim Lane Fitness. Tim has coached athletes and celebrities including touring with Demi Lovato and Nick Carter.


In this episode, Tim, Phil, Isaac, and Brad discuss all their stories and how the mission of these men is focus and follow through! These causes are amazing and will help people change their focus for the better!

00:00 Intro

00:27 Follow Isaac and Phil

00:51 Recap

03:36 Why did Isaac ask Tim Lane to go camping THREE times

06:09 A ringing out of the spirit

09:37 Brad & The Marines...

16:40 “I am US Government property” - Brad Lea

21:51 The eye of the tiger, the heart of the lion.

25:46 “Humans will be humans.” - Tim Lane

28:53 Bomb 1: We all want to make money, but it’s about the relationships. “The truly successful have relationships.”

34:08 How to deal with suicide

40:04 What is next for you…

40:18 “Our mission is to give our soldiers and our people a new focus.” -  Tim Lane

41:35 “You must try, even if you are scared of rejection.” - Tim Lane

50:35 “A lion is a lion.” - Tim Lane

54:47 Bomb 2: The power of mental reps and rehearsing

55:46 Bomb 3: The mission to help and lift people up

57:06 Bomb 4: Find something to serve above yourself

58:00 Phil’s story



01:13:22 If you see someone having some troubled thoughts, ask them.

01:16:00 Seeing Red and working through it

01:18:11 Bomb 5: “We are going to be able to lift the world, because we know the way out.” - Tim Lane

01:19:00 “I wanted to take someone’s soul just so people would show me love. Love is the healer.” - Tim Lane

01:19:52 Bomb 6: Focus and Follow Through

01:20:47 Brad’s movie…

01:24:44 Follow Tim, Isaac, and Phil and donate to their causes!

01:25:44 Resources for depression - Plant type medicine

01:27:54 Bomb 7: Don’t give up, keep trying, there is something out there for you

01:28:19 Class offered by Tim, sign up for the free class at