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Jan 27, 2022

Pioneer of Cryptocurrency, hosted one of the first cryptocurrency shows on GrantCardone TV called, “The CoinProfit”, CEO of one of the fast-growing health rewards cryptocurrencies in the world CMDX - Smartcurrency for Healthcare - Pioneer of Universal Basic Data Income - Author of 2nd Best Selling Amazon E-Book on Cryptocurrency - The 7th Disruption - The Rise of the Digital Currency Billionaire. In the process of writing a book called "Learning to Shave without a Mirror'' - 7 Success Tactic to Owning Your World (Lessons from Prison).


In this episode, Tom tells Brad about his desire for success and everything he has done to get to the point where he is today. The entrepreneurial spirit is among us in this episode! Tune in!


00:00 Intro

02:16 Entrepreneurial bug

06:00 “When the pain gets great enough, you change” - Tom McMurrain

08:00 Books and why they are so important

11:00 AI

11:50 Bomb: We have the most important tool between our ears but we don’t feed it all the data

15:00 Laws broken in the crypto space

19:37 Zero to hero

23:58 Tom’s new book

28:22 Bomb: Harness your power

29:31 CMDX

34:00 MIRACLE the Acronym

38:00 NFT craze

51:00 Artificial Intelligence destroying industries

56:06 “You gotta know what your strengths and weaknesses are

59:04 “Your input determines your output.”

01:02:28 Leverage

01:05:30 Go get Tom’s book now!

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