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Feb 14, 2022

Travis Richey is an Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Motivational Speaker. Having invested in over 25 start-up companies the last 10 years; he knows a thing or two about success and more importantly failure on the road to success. Travis spent the first half of his career in the finance world directing mergers & acquisitions globally for a hedge fund. At the age of 25, Travis directed a hedge fund with millions of dollars under management. Due to a regulatory oversight in the State of Arizona, he was charged with transactions of an unregistered securities dealer and sentenced to two years in Arizona Dept of Corrections.


In this episode, Travis and Brad discuss how to have a life having been once convicted. One thing Travis’ team has created is the convicted version of Shark Tank to give their ideas a chance!


00:00 Intro

01:49 is the platform

04:34 “Prison is a business.” - Travis Richey

05:57 TSA

07:41 Second guest with no microphone 

08:00 Resume

11:00 Bomb: There are a lot of people out there without a felony that are bad people.

12:16 Mindset

13:00 Check out Travis on IG @i_am_travis_richey 

15:15 Story of the point of being in prison for 43 years

17:05 “I can give people skills behind the bars.” - Travis Richey

20:55 $600 Rule

25:04 Second guest with no microphone

25:20 Resume

27:50 “How you do your time is what you make of it.” - Travis Richey

29:40 The “lifers” who take Travis’ classes

31:55 Travis’ case

34:54 “I found my purpose inside of a prison cell.” -Travis Richey

38:22 Limiting beliefs

40:00 If you aren’t making 300-500k per year go to

40:50 Guest without microphone speaking

41:26 Resume

43:45 Book coming

44:40 Jordan Belfort

46:37 What Travis did as an inmate

49:25 Shot Collar

50:50 Guest with no mic contributing

52:10 Navigating the real world

54:38 Guests on the couch: Brad Modrich @bradmodrich and Sean Crane @sean_michael_crane