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Aug 15, 2018

Entrepreneur, investor, and award-winning speaker Cole Hatter is the guest for our 94th episode of the Dropping Bombs Podcast. Brad chatted with Cole about a wide range of topics related to making your money matter. Cole knows a thing or two about building ‘for purpose’ businesses that build more than his bank account—Cole and his wife have founded an orphanage in Mexico and have worked with other philanthropic organizations around the world. Brad and Cole talked about:

  • Why happiness depends on making your money matter--not just making money.
  • How you can live your dream life guilt-free by sharing the abundance with others.
  • That you can’t help others if it takes your full-time effort to stay afloat.
  • How to pursue wealth, not as a defining characteristic of who you are, but by what it allows you to do going forward.
  • Why sales can be the foundation of all your success. You’ll never find a come-up story that doesn’t start with some sort of selling.
  • Why it’s important to ask yourself, “What do you want to solve in this world?”
  • How, with the right knowledge, anyone can succeed.
  • That influence matters. You might not be able to give a million dollars. But, if you can influence one million people to give one-dollar each, you can create the same amount of good.

Brad also spoke with Cole about “Thrive: How to Build a ‘For Purpose’ Business,” an event founded by Cole to help entrepreneurs do just that. Brad will be speaking at this year’s Thrive event and invites all the members of the Bomb Squad to save 30% on their tickets by using the code TRBL at checkout.