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Jun 27, 2022

Today Alex and Leila’s  fund allows us to participate as minority partners (20-33% typically) to provide what we call “majority work for minority stakes” and use the same models that helped scale each of our companies and create value for their customers.


In this episode, Alex and Leila tell their story from how they met, started their businesses, and what they are doing today. Tune and take notes for this awesome episode!


00:00 Intro

01:19 Go to only for minority partnerships.

02:45 How the Hormozi met

05:06 Gym Launch

08:25 Why this is not for everyone

12:12 All in

16:50 Andy Frisella

21:16 Marketing

25:19 The first step

30:10 Consulting

35:40 Social Media

40:45 Look out for Leila’s new podcast

48:00 Submit going to 

49:00 The contender qualifications

55:00 Jeff Bezos 

01:00:20 Recognizing value 

01:05:00 Getting to a billion…

01:10:50 Greed

01:13:00 Social Skills