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Dec 20, 2021

Andy Elliott has over a million minutes watched on his YouTube channel each month in free sales training which has a 98.6% like rate which is unheard of for Car Sales Training Videos on YouTube. Andy Elliott and his amazing wife Jaqueline created their training company in 2011. The Elliott Group currently trains over 110,000 Salespeople and over 500 dealerships. They are the fastest-growing automotive sales training company in the world.


In this episode, Brad and Andy discuss what it takes to be an elite sales warrior, listen in.

00:00 Intro

01:44 Bomb “A lot of people underestimate skill and the ability to speak and all of that is learned.” - Andy Elliott

03:32 A live seminar every month- go to to find out when January is.

05:06 “Sales is the most amazing craft in the world.” - Andy Elliott

05:49 Andy’s story

08:38 Bomb: “If you are a salesperson, people want to hear you speak.” - Andy Elliott

09:40 Alignment

09:55 Bomb: “If you wanna change people’s lives you’ll be forever wealthy.” - Andy Elliott

13:44 “If you don’t want to change your life, your life is not going to change.” - Andy Elliott

16:00 The transformation

17:33 Bomb: Perspective

20:48 Mentors and studying

23:20 Culture

28:55 Desire to win

30:22 Bomb: YOU CAN DO IT TOO

34:06 Patrick Bet-David

39:07 Competence creates confidence

45:28 Daily Habits

50:00 How to not forget about your foundation

56:00 Gratitude

57:44 Type in Andy Elliott on YouTube and check him out.

59:40 Follow Andy @officialandyelliott 

01:00:28 Call Andy any time, 918-210-0254