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Feb 13, 2023

Andy Elliott holds the sales record for the most money ever made as a car salesman in one month at $74,500 and in one year at $715,000. He is currently the fastest growing Automotive Sales Trainer in the country!  He also has over a Million minutes watched on his YouTube channel each month in free sales training which has a 98.6% like rate which is unheard of for Car Sales Training Videos on YouTube. Andy Elliott and his amazing wife Jaqueline created their training company in 2011. The Elliott Group currently trains over 110,000 Salespeople and over 500 dealerships. They are the fastest-growing automotive sales training company in the world because of many reasons. They teach the lost art of the car business which closing and negotiations, overcoming objections, relationship selling, elite processes, conviction, non-combative closing with zero friction, and its ALL 21st Century Lethal Training that WORKS!


In this episode, Brad and Andy discuss how to maximize your potential and  resonate with our listeners with their own personal experiences and how they wish they had the opportunities they are offering listeners when they were beginning their working journey. Elliott offers his knowledge and guidance to listeners, as well as Brad, to reach their full potential and offers financial freedom.


Bomb: Everybody wants to graduate but not everybody wants to grab a book and go to school.

Bomb: If you want to learn from Brad, and possibly earn your full potential, join the Real Financial army.

Bomb: If you don’t think that you can run a four minute mile, you can’t.

Bomb: The person that you will become with Real Financial is priceless.

Bomb: If you are not where you want to be, Andy will take you there.